Vicki Ambery-Smith combines fine quality of craftsmanship with detailed observation of architecture. She makes jewellery and silverware that have a personal connection with the wearer or dining room.

Her pieces include trompe l’oeil or manipulation of proportion to achieve her desired effect. Many designs are drawn from far and wide – ancient Greece to contemporary Europe and America, and recently, for her exhibition at the Ashmolean – a group of pieces based on famous iconic landmarks in Oxford. Some pieces are designed to reflect her interest for a specific place while other commissions are based on a building of significance to a client. Vicki has exhibited widely in Britain, America, Japan and Australia.

Pigeonnier Spice Boxes

Three spice boxes based on Pigeonniers from the vineyards of the Tarn region of France. They are made in scored & folded photo-etched silver sheet. The roofs lift off to form the box lids, which are red gold plated.

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