Belfast born designer Sam Moore is a traditionally trained Silver and Goldsmith with contemporary vision.

Inspired by objects of ritual she is an avid cup maker, combining a love of folklore and fairytale, her vessels often contain stories, interior worlds made out of silver and gold with precious and semi precious stones. Drawing on Northern Irelands rich history of literature, oral storytelling and of course a decent drink it is obvious as to why she has recently been deemed one of ‘…her generations most sought after silversmiths.’ Having enjoyed success early in her career, Sam has exhibited with the V&A, the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the National Trust.

Mazagran Cups

Drawing inspiration from the Mazagran tradition of drinking iced coffee, these cups by Samantha Moore are spun to the perfect height for a double espresso and Rum with ice, placed on a blackened burnt solid wood saucer. Playing with various coffee drinking rituals of European, Middle Eastern and of course British these cups are both beautiful and functional.

Belfast born designer Sam Moore is a traditionally trained silver and goldsmith with contemporary vision. Graduating in 2009 from the University of Ulster and in 2011 from her Masters, Sam consolidated her aptitude for design and making with a five year apprenticeship in rural County Down.


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