Dimensions: 120mm W

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Finned bowl

This bowl by Ryan McClean has been computer designed and 3D printed. The print was then electroformed on the outside and the plastic dissolved from within leaving the solid silver form. Ryan intended the piece to explore the ideas of interior and exterior space.

Growing up on the shores of Loch Nevis in the wilds of Scotland Ryan has always been fascinated by nature. In his work he looks at the science behind growth and pattern formation such as fluid dynamics, the golden ratio and self organisation. He uses form and texture to create sculptural pieces. Recently he has been gaining inspiration from microscope images making dishes based on plankton and a jug inspired by a single leopard hair.

Ryan is a silversmith who specialises in designing hand crafted, bespoke pieces of silverware and tableware of the finest quality for home, office or commemorative presentation pieces. He uses traditional silversmithing skills and is always keen to try new ways of working, often pushes these techniques to their limits.

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