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Rebecca de Quin’s ‘Vector’ Four Vessel Set reflects a creative journey through the process of designing and making in metal.

De Quin’s idea for this piece came from reflections on her own working process and, in particular, consideration of habitual thoughts and processes developed over time. She analyses how her design can use these aspects more consciously and constructively. Linear decoration on the objects’ surfaces stemmed from observation of visual qualities emerging from development of technical drawing, pattern making and sketch modelling. De Quin used this to highlight common sheet metal construction techniques such as seaming, which is often seen as a troublesome aspect of metalwork. Here the need to join the material to create hollow forms presented an opportunity to defy convention by finding alternatives to what a design demanded and making allowed. De Quin chose to create joints in unexpected places.

The distinction between seams and decoration are blurred. Stepped rims signalled the rolling of sheet to create cones, while the surface of the stand, with scribed lines, filled with pencil lead dust, was visually matched to those on the vessels, referencing the printed paper templates used to model the forms. The vessels were made using sheet metalwork fabrication and scored linear detailing. The linear decoration on the silver vessels was oxidised while on the gilding metal piece the scored channel was filled with silver solder.

Rebecca de Quin ‘Vector’, Four Vessel Set. Hallmarked London, 2015 Sterling Silver, Gilding Metal, Corian, Pencil Lead Dust

Website: rebeccadequin.co.uk


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