Artist, silversmith specialising in chasing, repoussé and engraving

Birds In Flight Vase, Britannia silver

The moods of the sea influence Miriam’s work, her workshop is filled with hand sketches and photographs of the coastline of her home-town Lowestoft.

Miriam Hanid’s Birds in Flight vase features a backdrop of hand chased clouds and wavy seas, and features birds swirling above the waves. The birds are intricately hand engraved above rippling water patterns. These create a rich naturalistic texture on this hand raised Britannia Silver vase which is 19.5cm high and 15cm at its widest.

The inspiration for Miriam’s award-winning work is often drawn from the imagery of water. She regularly records this ever-changing element in drawings and photographs. Water is her metaphor for the divine current of energy flowing through all forms of life. It also presents an endless pool of inspiration for pattern, texture and form in her compelling work which blends the figurative with the abstract in much the same way as nature itself. She is best known for her chasing and repoussé skills which she combines with hand forming and engraving to create distinctive and instantly recognisable pieces.

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