Louise Parry is considered to be one of the leading designers in silversmithing and jewellery working in the UK today.

Her work has won many awards – most recently in 2013 when she was the winner of The Barbara Christie For Excellence In Metalwork and Jewellery for her gem set Desktop Clock at Art in Action. She has also been featured in The Financial Times, The Evening Standard and Vogue. She has exhibited her work at prestigious shows such as Goldsmiths Fair.

Small and Large Split Zephyr Mechanical Clocks

Louise Parry’s recent trips to New Zealand have inspired new work based upon the many classic cars that Louise sketched whilst there.
Those sketches are evolved firstly into cardboard models which enable her to visualize each piece in three dimensions before crafting them in silver.

The shapes of a classic Ford Zephyr car have been referenced and deconstructed using textured Britannia silver sheet. The challenge of housing a fine mechanical clock movement into silver casing provides limitations which inform the design. The precision required for horology is achieved by combining silversmithing with traditional lathe work and modern CNC machining.

Initially using a texturing hammer, silver sheet is transformed into forms which are cut and inset with gemstones, producing a crisp elegant feel. The line cut through the larger Zephyr clock gives further definition and lightness to the piece and is very characteristic of Louise’s work. An oval viewing window onto the traditional workings of the mechanism is incorporated in the top of both clocks to enable movement to be part of the completed pieces.

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