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Kevin Grey’s work is based on the philosophical idea of the animus: ‘a tendency or inclination towards a definite, sometime unavoidable goal’.

He is concerned with the idea of a continuous revolving thought, which demands total absorption until the solution is found. This fractured and tormented process of thinking led to final form of the surface of ‘Animus’. Despite the highly engineered appearance of ‘Animus’, Grey neither sketched nor made engineering drawings. His work was thought through in advance as well as during the making process that involved hand-forming strips of silver and TIG welding them together. TIG welding as a fluid process required him to confront complex technical issues as they arose. Hand formed strips of silver, TIG welding.

Kevin Grey ‘Animus’, Sculptural Centrepiece Birmingham, 2015 Sterling Silver

Website: www.kevingrey.co.uk

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