The vibrancy of rivers, rapids, cascades and the fluidity of water in its many moods are the collective inspiration for award-winning designer Don Porrit’s experimental pieces of modern domestic silverwork.

Flasks, flagons, jugs, bowls and other vessels are created by a combination of innovative piercing, seaming and overlap techniques which impart a flowing, dynamic quality to each piece.

Flowing Water

A sculptural experiment in manipulated silver form, where light reveals a river-like mass of softly flowing metal. Tonal graduations and textured edges provide a sense of movement, which is further enhanced by a diagonal progression of the off-set individual elements. This formation can be constructed to progress in a left or right hand direction – or, as seen in the prototype, in a combination of both variations within the same piece. Potential options: Contrasting coloured metals and end-to-end positioning to allow for extension into a larger table format.

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