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Clive Burr’s ‘Ice Windows’ bowl is inspired by his childhood memories of the seaside in wintertime, looking out to sea and observing the perspective, the change of colour in the blue of the sky and sea, and the gentle curve of the horizon.

Burr made rough pencil sketches before preparing preliminary drawings to achieve the correct proportions. He then made a full size plaster model, still playing with proportions, before completing final, working drawings.

He created several engine-turned samples to clarify the spacing and depth of cut of the engraved lines, whilst enameller Jane Short made test samples to explore the colour of the enamel and engraved texture.

Details of the piece were reviewed and finalised in the course of making. The vessel was spun, then machine engineered lines were turned on the surface before the ‘windows’ were enamelled by Jane Short.

‘Ice Windows’, Double Skinned Bowl, Silver, Vitreous Enamel, Hallmarked London 2015

Website: www.cliveburr.co.uk

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