Claire Malet is a metal artist and silversmith, working in precious, non-precious metals and found-metals.

Her work is inspired by the textures and shapes of natural forms and landscapes: fragments of sea-worn shells, the rock formations of a battered coastline, a curl of split bark, the dancing light and shadow of woodland, the line of a horizon. She also draws inspiration directly from the characteristics of the medium, working intuitively, allowing the metal to suggest a direction and to find a relationship with the subject matter. She has exhibited widely and her work is stocked in galleries around the world.

Bryher Bowls

These six small bowls by Claire Malet were inspired by beach combing. The bowls vary in size and have a ‘hand sketched’ character, and a tactile ‘handle me’ quality through the combining of textures, pattern and form. The design is repeated in each piece but with subtle differences, as found in a collection of the same type of shell. The pieces have been worked by sinking/raising, use of chasing/repousse, depletion, scoring, filling and burnishing. Some pieces are part oxidised.

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