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The shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean, the physical environment, the climate and Cara Murphy’s experience of it, are the source of ‘Juxtapose’.

Cara Murphy is inspired by the juxtaposition of nature with silver and found elements, sculpted by the sea. Murphy is motivated by exploring user-participation. She seeks to engage the user in the preciousness and ritual of drinking from silver, whilst also creating an element of puzzlement, to provoke conversation and play. Murphy wanted to create a landscape for the dining table, making initial sketches to realise a playful link between the cups and the found elements she discovered on her seashore walks. The colour and form of the found brick pebbles became integral to the design; although it took several walks to find the right four pebbles that would allow each cup to slot into the next vessel.

She worked directly with silver and the brick pebbles in the workshop, designing through the hydraulic press, hammering and patiently fitting the silver around each pebble. The cups were made using the process of deep drawing with the hydraulic press. The settings for the pebbles were hammered and soldered in place.

Cara Murphy ‘Juxtapose’, Cups. Hallmarked London, 2015 Silver and Brick

Website: www.caramurphy.com

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