Alan Craxford is a talented silversmith and engraver who has produced one off jewellery for almost 40 years, the work gradually evolving and reflecting his own inner development.

He works to private commission and has been collected by The Worshipful Company of Mercers, The Worshipful Company of Surveyors, London and The Victoria & Albert Museum.


Alchemical Tray

This piece by Alan Craxford is about the interdependent relationship between three heavenly bodies:

The Earth on which we live
If the earth is a football then man occupies proportionately only the thickness of a piece of wet tissue draped over it.

Our Moon
In orbit round us, it controls our tides amongst other things. We only ever see one side of it which is an eternal mystery.

The Sun
The Sun pours light on both. Our axis and orbits create the days and the seasons whilst the Moon becomes a reflector to lighten our darkness.

The piece shows simple forms that have the function of a pair of drinking vessels and a jug to pour from. They are all elaborately carved and hand engraved, then coloured using gilding and various tones of Rhodium plating. The piece is both elegantly functional and yet whenever it is used it serves as a reminder of the vast Cosmology of which we are but a small part.

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