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Adi Toch is interested in movement and play. Her ‘Soft Vessels on Stilts’ reference museum displays of ancient clay pots and their metal tripod supports.

They are intended to offer a playful interpretation of the aesthetics of a functional object. They quiver on their slender stilts, so that each suggests a different rhythm.

Adi developed the initial idea through quick line drawings. Small test pieces were made both in metal and plastic – exploring the potential connection between the vessels and stilts. In order to try to portray fullness, softness and weight, plastic was blown through stainless steel frames. Certain elements of these forms were then interpreted in silver.

The vessels were fabricated in Britannia silver, using a combination of techniques, including spinning, raising and press forming. They were finished with a hand-scribed texture. The stainless steel stilts were laser welded.

Adi Toch ‘Soft Vessels on Stilts’, Pouring Vessels. Hallmarked London, 2015 Britannia Silver, Stainless Steel, Resin

Website: www.aditoch.com

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