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Mary Ann Simmons is fascinated by multifaceted and mathematical vessel form and intrigued by geometry and box making.

In ‘12:24’, she used the complicated and multifaceted pieces of the two-dimensional flat sheet and, by using clean lines, facets, precision and containment, turned it into a three dimensional vessel.

Simmons first sketched the idea very loosely, before drawing a more fixed idea, using a computer drawing programme. She left the idea to ‘percolate’ in her mind, before making models to examine proportion and scale. Model-making informed the making process and helped her work out how the metal would behave. Sheet metal was hand scribed with precise lines that were then scored, folded, soldered and hand finished.

Mary Ann Simmons ‘12:24’, Faceted Vessel Form. Hallmarked London, 2016 Britannia Silver

Website: www.maryannsimmons.co.uk

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