Martin Keane’s work ranges from the sculptural, using the technique of hand raising to create fluid organic forms to fabricated elegant tableware.

He designs and makes all his own work creating quality modern pieces that offer a bold striking aesthetic different to the norm. As a child his Japanese mother worked in a Japanese antique shop, where he spent much time during school holidays. This experience of being surrounded by many beautiful objects instilled in him a love for craftsmanship and a sense of aesthetic.

Anthropomorphic Sculptural Vessel 2 – Collum

This is the second of large anthropomorphic sculptural centrepieces. This piece was hand raised from a flat 400mm disc of Britannia silver with no seams. It took approximately 300 hours of raising, hammering and finishing and was a personal challenge of Martin’s raising & forming techniques to achieve such an extreme yet fluid form. The piece was filled with pitch many multiples of times and an array of hammers was used to achieve the deeply scalloped base, sharp sculpted lines and ‘tail’.

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