Dimensions: 420 x130 x 90mm

Ancient Steel, Sterling Silver, Leather


Designer Louise Loder works predominately in silver. Her work includes large vessels, drinking silvers, scoops and tableware.

She makes functional, tactile, evocative objects, often drawing on rituals, personal experience and play to inform her design process. The intangible charm of imperfection, irregularity and impermanence never ceases to inspire her.

Hammerhead 1

Louise Loder wanted to create a sculptural yet functional piece for the table. She has recently been incorporating ancient steel toolheads or adzes into her work. Their forms inspire, creating boundaries and problems that need to be solved as well as the textures and colours of the aged, worn steel. After her initial idea she works spontaneously with the silver making models along the way, manipulating the metal, making mistakes then resolving them. Sometimes it gets scary but that could translate as exciting too. Her work is not pristine as she tries to retain a vibrancy that can be lost in overworking.

Louise’s work often explores notions of impermanence and the passing of time, sometimes evoking feelings of ambiguity and wonder. This piece is a serving scoop.

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