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This clutch bag by Kyosun Jung is inspired by a study of the Bokjumeoni, a Korean traditional lucky pouch, especially worn at New Year with the Korean traditional dress known as Hanbok.

The wirework derives its form from research into contemporary architecture as well as fashion and fabrics. Working first with sketches, Jung made various paper maquettes to define the shape, size and proportions of the clutch bag. She then made a full size test model in copper and leather in order to determine its weight and feel. She worked with a leather specialist to explore different types and colours of leather before choosing a cowhide in blue and red goatskin interior. Jung hand-formed rectangular wires, positioning them in place by PUK welding, before soldering them together. She hand-engraves between each wire to enhance the linear qualities of the overall visual statement. The leather was then cut and stitched.

Kyosun Jung Silver and Leather Clutch. Hallmarked London, 2016 Silver and Leather: Blue Cow Hide and Red Goatskin

Website: www.kyosunjung.co.uk

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