Dimensions: 150diam x 80mm

Sterling Silver


London Skyline Hand-Pierced Wine Coaster

Jen Ricketts has perfected the silversmithing technique of hand piercing. She uses the finest of saw blades to hand cut her designs. Her current work concentrates on making bespoke functional silverware of intricate city skylines. Jen uses her hand drawn skylines as the template for piercing the designs from silver sheet.

Once she had completed piercing the detail on the wine coaster design, she filed, wet and dried and polished the pierced edges, so they were smooth. Jen used stakes and formers to shape the skyline into a round so she could fit a round silver disk inside the skyline ring. She shaped a thick rectangular wire into a ring, slightly larger than the skyline, to form the base of the piece. Once all three components were fitting nicely, Jen soldered them together to create complete the construction of the wine coaster. The piece was then filed, and wet and dried to remove any scratches and solder that had run from the join. The final object was polished and then finished.

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