Dimensions: Small: 100mm diameter,  Large: 120mm diameter

Fine Silver


Condiment Dishes

The core inspiration of Jacqueline Scholes’ condiment dishes was to take the basic form of a dish, but give it more complexity, with the aim to transform a simple serving vessel into an object of beauty. This results in the viewer enjoying a different visual experience as they move around the dish. The dishes are sunk, cut, manipulated and reconstructed to create the undulating edge.

From an early age she has been fascinated by beautiful objects. She is interested in their form and function and the materials from which they are made. She likes to handle these objects and has always had a desire to acquire the skills to make them. With these aspiration she has pursued a career as a silversmith at University and later self employed for two years at Bishopsland Workshop. This was an opportunity to develop ideas for tableware and learn a great deal through taking part in exhibitions and creating designs for clients. Feeling the need to develop as a designer led to my applying to the Royal College of Art.

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