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Hazel Thorn’s design is influenced both by a love of wild Scottish landscapes and by the excitement of developing experimental metalwork techniques.

The curved lines and dynamic overlapping form aims to produce a sense of vitality and movement. Thorn made her own tools to develop her technique of fusing rods of silver and gilding metal.

She fabricated small metal samples to develop the technique, before using sketches and card models to plan how this process could be applied to the finished piece. Some design decisions were made while working on the piece, responding to the material and form as it developed. Fused rods of silver and gilding-metal, formed, soldered, hand constructed, patinated.

Hazel Thorn ‘Wrapped Birch’, Fruit Bowl/Centrepiece. Hallmarked Edinburgh, 2016 Britannia Silver and Gilding Metal

Website: www.hazelthorn.co.uk

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