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Angela Cork is keen to embrace and celebrate the craftsmanship of the hand-made and the individual nature of ‘Pillow’ cutlery was fundamental to Cork’s vision. Each implement is designed to be carefully hand-assembled piece by piece.

It was important that the constructed hollow handles and the hammer-forged ends of each utensil felt comfortable to hold but were also elegantly and proportionally balanced whether in the hand or on the table. The design was initially developed through drawing, looking at each piece in relation to each other so that the set worked in harmony when the cutlery is grouped on the table.

Having finalised the scale and proportions, Angela developed it in three dimensions by hand, carving wooden and acrylic handles which have a soft and tactile quality. Moulds were cut in acrylic and steel to press form hollow copper and aluminium shapes that could be quickly assembled into models for testing. To assess how the utensils look from every angle, each piece was photographed as it was developed. The models were repeated until the proportions were resolved. The softly shaped handles of the cutlery set were press formed and hand constructed, while the utensil parts of the fork, knife and bowl were forged and die struck.

Angela Cork ‘Pillow’, Cutlery Set, Hallmarked London, 2015 Sterling Silver

Website: www.angelacork.co.uk


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